An illusion

A trap

Precise to a number

Means what

What does

How I do care

When I miss my train

Not speed I need

But time


Blinky Lights

That blinky light so dinky

Keeps me squinty

When I see you across the road

I’ll give you wider berth

For such narrow girth

As a bike at night on the road

Those blinky lights at night

Flashy pattens make a sight

Like random fire flies exploding

In the twilight. I am glad

To see those blinky lights you’ve had

So I don’t run you over

Lacing Up A Wheel

Lacing up a wheel

Sounds like I am going for a walk.

I try not to get lost

Is the spoke holding the hub up

Or is the rim hanging from the hub

Sometime it is and sometimes it isn’t

Counting holes going round

First one way then the next.

The madness to find a rhythm

Impossibly confused wobble

A wheel in parts together

That can’t hold itself up

Could never roll soon

Takes shape of round

The moment of truth

For true the test

The tensing of a wheel

Ends in a hyperbolic

Paraboloid that I could never

Purposely make.

Its beautiful and wrong at the same time.

Lacing up a wheel again.

Special Bike

Every bike is special.
Specially the bike you ride
That isn’t specialized
For one thing or another.
It should take you there
With no fan fare and back.
It’s a tool you care for,
That makes sense seeing
Where you put it each time
You ride, no hiding that fact.
Pedal wheels and seat.
Come on, lets go down the street.