Wheels II








Special Bike

Special Bike

Every bike is special.

Specially the bike you ride

That isn’t specialized

For one thing or another.

It should take you there

With no fan fare and back.

It’s a tool you care for,

That makes sense seeing

Where you put it each time

You ride, no hiding that fact.

Pedal wheels and seat.

Come on lets go down the street.

A Bike Shop

Strictly speaking on the subject of bikes
I find there is very little that I donts likes
Strictly speaking I have no need to go in
I marvel at the smiles and welcomes
Strictly amused at all the things I finds
That aren’t bikes in a store for rides
Strictly sweaty and sore of feet
A welcome adjustment to my cleat
Strictly sore at the counter I rest
And enjoy the espresso, where’s the zest
Strictly speaking the talk is more than
Carbon weaves, the business, I’m a fan
Strictly love what you do and it will
Include the passion for others and fill
The world with better people
Strictly speaking from the saddle on the road.

The Jersey

The jersey is not from Jersey

Nor Guernsey, Surrey, or Ashtabula

A new jersey from New Jersey

Would be odder than old hopscotch

In Old Oshkosh.

The cloth is much much thinner

Than a sweatshirt made over in China

But no one really cares or reads

All the logos signs and letters

Unless you sit in the back

And marvel at the wonders of colors

Not much point in wearing

But still you match

Bar tape to wheels and hat.

Dam the Dew

Dam the dew on the road

The dew on the road that

Made my tire slide from under

Me. The tire slid and I did too

On my hip and gloved hands

I could be glad it was not only dew

The dew on the road lifting the oily

Residue that was so slippy

No torn cloth or scrapes but a bruise

The color of, okay I’ll say it, grapes

After nursing my pride I took

That turn of dew and fearfully

Slowed to stay upright

And now each time I dread to pass

Even moderately slow

Dam that dew on the road.

ride with no pants

the need for nylon is important

because my bike is carbon aero fast

my skinny jeans is all i need

i’ll mash the pedals and beat your light

heels and skirt i’ll still go

dresses and hair in a bow

if my skin could pin i’d race naked

instead i have logos on tight jerseys

no obsession other than it roll

i’ll find it fun with out heed