Ride The Wheel

Ride the wheel

Ride the wheel

Free, free freedom

Mind is clear

Heart pumps

Legs jump

Ride the wheel

Ride the wheel

Wind, hills


Heart pumps

Legs jump

Ride the wheel

Ride the wheel

He goes, I go

Heart pumps

Legs jump

Ride the wheel

Ride the wheel

Light green go

Red stop

Heart pumps

Legs jump

Ride Ride Ride

Heart pumps

Legs jump

Heart pumps

Legs jump


Man Hole

Deep in the bowels

Bravery gone

Spittle dry

The questions are gone


Light is too bright, sun burns

Clouds won’t shade

Frozen hole slugging a path

Beyond, beneath, behind, before

Better is not felt,

Not felt, not felt

Not felt

Chill my skin to pink

Numb my toes

Take of the gloves

I can’t feel to feel

Spin to move

Nowhere but go

Turning, turning, turning

Spinning this life

I must live rolling




Before This Day

Before this day I pass, contempt of men I meet.

An idea given based on color.

Accept or reject my choice I think.

The choice a social construction.

Conform, be left out, alone or in the pack.

I ride the same and feel the hurt, the anger.

Fear is not an answer.

A symptom, broken spirits ruled by others.

On the road a draft welcomed or surely given

Meets the spirit unbroken accepted

But leery of histories facts I know.

I ride on in cadence of truth

Honor to self and those about

And take it with me when I walk.


Pain of muscle soreness, pain of muscle thirst

Charlie horse, lactic acid burn, pain

Pain of heart thumping, lungs busting

Pain of toes cold, pain in the saddle

Pain of knees pushing and pulling

Loss pain when bike is stolen

Heart sick pain when he walks away

Road rash burning laying in bed

Wind burn and sun burn pain

Psychic pain being last or late

Deep broken bone pain unrestfull sleep

Gain pain as muscles build and fleet

Hill pain and chase pain faster good

Age pain of knowledge foreseen

I sit and feel each pain proof of life

Assurance, still willing to ride

And I forget.