Big Belly Mon


Rolling on the balls of your clack clack clacks

You wobble back to front like a quack quack quack

Latex feathers and a headdress that don’t crack crack crack


Big belly mon


Leg muscles bulge through your slack slack slacks

Teeth white and straightened with no plaque plaque plaque

So tell me why your tummy is so fat fat fat

Though you ride ride ride


Big belly mon


Submitted by P.M.

Road Dream

I rode away thinking of what I need

I stopped at the beach knowing what I forgot

Days are filled, I don’t ride

Memories flood, the dreams melting

Our emotions as I talk silently to you

During the day leaning against old


Hearing you in the distance

Leaves me standing as standing

Before the choice again

To renew each other a new

Then I will ride and remember

I love you.


The vacation

Is time with no purpose

No need to wake early and pedal

The bike stays put

Easy to make excuses

And then force Sunday

Outing and feel the slump

Of my muscles and watch

The group pull away.

Glad to know my limits

I push myself

To be ready to get back to

The business of commuting

Simple Bike

Years ago three thousand tons

Would move with wind

Human sweat, toil and sails

A ship would ply the oceans.

Then the engine came called horse power

One hundred of them would push a barge

Ten thousand tons to wait for tide

And make its way no matter wind.

Now I ride and sweat and toil

Pushing against the wind with 1/5th a horse

And 5 times the speed against the wind

Carrying a pound of water.

Every angle, every lee, I feel to gain

Some respite from the slog of gale

Yet smile and marvel at this

Contraption called a bike.

The bike can carry its motor

Faster than we care to think

Much easier to ride some hide

Or use gas toward some repast

And never sweat the wind, or rain

Or snow. Hiding behind glass

A pedal that never turns,

You yell to those outside, never smiling.

The effort of motion calms a spirit

Each mile is measured by link

By stroke, by turn of wheel, by

Spoke, by breath and beat of heart

The bike lives under me as I

Live under the spell

I love to eat and welcome

The fair wind home.

Blinky Lights

That blinky light so dinky

Keeps me squinty

When I see you across the road

I’ll give you wider berth

For such narrow girth

As a bike at night on the road

Those blinky lights at night

Flashy pattens make a sight

Like random fire flies exploding

In the twilight. I am glad

To see those blinky lights you’ve had

So I don’t run you over