Simple Bike

Years ago three thousand tons

Would move with wind

Human sweat, toil and sails

A ship would ply the oceans.

Then the engine came called horse power

One hundred of them would push a barge

Ten thousand tons to wait for tide

And make its way no matter wind.

Now I ride and sweat and toil

Pushing against the wind with 1/5th a horse

And 5 times the speed against the wind

Carrying a pound of water.

Every angle, every lee, I feel to gain

Some respite from the slog of gale

Yet smile and marvel at this

Contraption called a bike.

The bike can carry its motor

Faster than we care to think

Much easier to ride some hide

Or use gas toward some repast

And never sweat the wind, or rain

Or snow. Hiding behind glass

A pedal that never turns,

You yell to those outside, never smiling.

The effort of motion calms a spirit

Each mile is measured by link

By stroke, by turn of wheel, by

Spoke, by breath and beat of heart

The bike lives under me as I

Live under the spell

I love to eat and welcome

The fair wind home.


Haiku Commute

Freeaing hands grip bar

Sweating head and soft motions

Up right and gleeful


LIghts pause a rushing

Taxi! Ride pass and smile

No battle to win


Feel the tires squishy

Four blocks and almost to work

Before wheel goes falt


White bike lights flicker

All going the other way

Red ahead like me


Moving cars on side

Parked on the other can door me

I’ll just let them honk


I wait for a light

They see the great bike I have

Fools using gasoline


Time slows and speeds up

When I commute with my bike

A measure of mind


Elements of joy

Found each day I ride a bike

When wearing right clothes