A Grope Ride


Getting along in a fancy ride

All I could do was hide,

Going slower than faster sorts.

And we all wore biking shorts.

My thoughts were to keep the pace

But butts and butts were in my face.

This was they say fun and pleasant.

All bar to crank and freeing it wasn’t.

Groups of two seem best for me,

Not bunches nor gangs, and maybe

A pace line I can endure.

The speed and adrenalin sure.

But squiggly riders, ready to stop

Chatty and smelling all candy shop

Not for me, I’ll take the breeze

And pedal next to you with ease.

In the end our legs match in power,

But then who cares its time to shower.

So now you know I will tell

And say yes to queries it was swell.

So ask me again I won’t tire

Of joining y’all in such skimpy attire.


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