Yo-yo Legs


My rubber legs push down

they stop and wobble fitfully

then past a point sure and strong

Only to become rubber again

I yo-yo and flit along unsteady

As a gust of wind may flap a flag

for a moment then lay limp

I can do better, I push again

Yo-yo along on rubber legs

Maybe the next day, I try

to fool myself thinking.

It will take a hard pull to break

the yo yo string of rubber flesh.

A sustained pull and push past

normal habits, routines, and 10 mile

sprints twice a week. But Spring is

up ahead and I will chase it down

And time will not be measured

In frost bitten hands or feet.

But in that fleeting pace forgetting

the yo yo legs, and ups and downs

Of speed instead of elevations.

The hills will beckon the legs

And the legs will level the road

Soon, very soon after yo-yos

and I’ll change rubber to rod.

And power metaphors will

Then circle about.


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