When Wench

Swing a wrench and have your fun
Ply the pliers and grip the wire
T wench, socket, tork screw
Axle nut adjustment tight and right
Rim tape, bar tape farrel ends and hoods
Details and cables all become simple
Once the break down happens the need
To get home invents the mind to function
Chains and gears want the care of focus
Easy to ride and not feel the drag, until
The squeak calls out for lubing
Clean it feed it bathe it in oil
The mechanics of bikes are simple
The work is kinky in dirtying hands
Give in to the need and change the tire
Replace the breaks, ask and see the
Habitual detail methods used by pros or
A ingenuous use for necessity that works
And give a helping hand in the end
To the poor sod without a clue to get home.

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