Kindred Spirit

Commuters some regular some periodic

With ubiquitous eclectic outfits in comfort to each

Talk of weather, bikes and road hassles.

Even the accidents and close calls, we are familiar but unknown to each other.

I see a strong rider ahead, was he the one with the bandana under the helmet

Long, lean and fierce maybe even a churlish grin, seen back on the ferry?

Maybe it was an unknown chase to catch a draft with well matched legs or the next time to spy ahead

Only to be left by a sudden turn to an unknown destination.

Who spoke first is unimportant but we laughed, admired, rode, waited, till next time.

Each respecting the others timing and destination then rode not so feverishly.

Some times giving the draft sometimes taking it, silently

A parting, “see you tomorrow, or not” other parts of life unknown.

There were months of rain, wind, stories on life and what we do, how it went.

A candid intimacy of a friend, unburdened by childish wants, bespoke by the joy.

Plans for new rides, exploring, bonking, riding, never forced. Then the parting of life

A job, new place yet a phone number left, reminded and the hello – because.

A node in time or a surprise holiday call, who calls first, unimportant

And is, in words, the innocuous iconic bond.


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