Do You Bonk

Whet do I bonk
Do you bonk
I bonk and bonk but thonght
To be able to joint the fishes
Oh the wall, that break you
Bonk it bonk and no bonk about it
No go, like pushing rope there is nothing

Bonking bonking boffing boffing

Maybe tired but still going burbing to bonk

The tire is near end so far from a hean

I cank feel the normal sort bean

It’s a lean forward sort of hold back bonking

Always up a hill but most pronounced

When all is clear flat not as attire of skin suit

The slightly down hill yet no muster for an easy spin

Silent amazement at having nothing but visions

Going backward being passed by unicycles and joggers

The bonk is not even a notion, the mind will not understand

And legs can’t stand it then, the salamander of tissue

Grows and after some eon of time, the motion is easier

Never the same till you stop, eat, sleep and then

Oh the bonk that’s what it was, never to be forgotten.


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