The feet chase the toes going round

The pedals stuck to the feet following

The toes going round attached to legs

Pumping and the heart thumping

Eye ahead eye aside, crane the neck

Look behind, rest the head down

Shoulders humped to arms pulling

Hands and fingers loosely gripped.

A measured cadence ahead to chase

Its only time, you know will catch

The draft, the invisible break your

Legs search for, your face feels.

A steady rhythm ahead is your goal

A welcome treat from lone pavement

Eyes measure the distance, speed, effort

Till the wisps of broken air tell the heart

Ease up, you’re there, one push two

The smooth britting sound of chain and gears

As the rush of wind diminishes in the ears.

To the sound of the wheel ahead

The road to short for mutual assist so hang

Ready, anticipating the train behind

Giving the pull to help in the head wind,

Someone slower not rushing.

A slow slog, for a good break

Steady legs can be seen before

The brand, the make, the bike.

A partnership on cold days.


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