Parts of People

Parts of people become extreme

From extended use natrually

Acutely keen my digits nine

Its easy to sight the irregularity


Ahead of an innocuous friend

We caught him at the light.

He was clad in Black to match his bike

The ring was masive his legs tight


To make comment and ask.

Sixty was the teeth on the ring

His shoulders wide and arms strong

Thighs a disproportionate thing


Our only hope was a hill

To see him in the end.

Sure enough between the cars

“The frog legs!” calls my friend.


On the hill was the last view

Receeding image “Frog legs”.

Just as we thought those thighs

Were no match for our little pegs


Growing in myth to be glimsed

Frog leg thighs, gears to match

Around the city at times.

When lacking a bike to catch


A fruitless chase, easyer to stay

With bad knees and backs

Spinning and free all the same

Having to dodge the hacks


Mucsels build and equate

Their use to user over time

And before you know it

The long way has a climb


That is taken.


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