Aft All This Cyclling

Aft all this cycling, the stomach

Aches to quench the mind of sweet

Of buttery bowls full of food.

Not just any food, salty, carb laden


Dripping with sauce and savory smells

Eggplant parm, thick with sauce and cheese

Warm and tangy on the tongue, an afterthought

To the melting cheese, and sides of polenta


The moussaka, looms along side, more textures

Hot spicy enchiladas, empanadas, and beans.

The salad cleans the palate for the fish, just caught

The potatoes and vegetables mix with butter.


Desert is far away, more of everything first.

At half full its time to slow down

Easing into a repast of food, finding

Notes on spices and messages left


On my tongue tell stomach here it comes

Sensations bound though me

Tingling muscles, satiated stomach

Endorphined brain, psychedelic feelings

All because of a bike ride.


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