Get dressed for street mayhem

Green makeup from patty’s day

Old coat and wig, tights, fun hat


Ready to glide like the silver surfer

But on a bike as a troll with tights

More like a bum on a tricycle


A bike will fall over and get walked on.

A tricycle becomes a tripping hazard

Left unattended in a mob, what a parade.


Dummies, rummies, weirdoes and pie

Puppets on stilts, people with string

New York’s Halloween street party


I will just dip and dash at the edges

Who, what? and what? and what?

It marches, look! Crash, skirt in the air


Oh, the parade at night of fright and fun

Halloween on feet or wheels

Lets carry eels to a party naked!


You’ll just have to see it to know

Ignore the barricades and join

The lingering spectator trash.


Its over too soon on the street

Long parties into the night

Crowds on the subways


I’ll bike.


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