The Bike Bell

The bike bell hangs on the handle bars rattling because the screws are loose

I can tighten them and with my thumb push the small lever hard enough

that I can just hear

A ringt, ringt, click, over the echoing wind in my ears.

What bell would be best to attach to these bars. Many choices.

Do I want the bell to be pleasing to see and classic to hear?

Is it shinny chrome or shaped like a bug with stubby antenea.

Does it ring just once with a snap of a finger, DING!

Maybe it will be big and resound a two tones, DING-DONG in succession.

Will it be obtrusive to the eye with the smooth leather bar tape

Can I hide it under or behind, so I don’t have to feel it is causing too much windage.

I willl attach it to the bar ends and no one will see it right away,

But it will be at the ready when I am in the drops heading for the intersection with all the people.

Ding-ding-ding-ding! D-d-ding! I will have to yell to get anyones attention.

The bell is regulation, but not much use after 15 miles an hour.

Against cars it’s useless, for the car can’t hear and the driver

Is listening to music inside, sealed tight against the weather and sounds of the road.

If I get arrested its because I got his attention.

I make angry drivers on the road, and get angry at them.

The bell is pretty, regulation, and dangerous in a sour mood.


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