How Fast Do I Really Need

How fast do I really need to go.

Obviously as fast as possible if I am not carring anything.

On my own I can really fly.

Loaded down I am still moving faster than if I were walking.

How much do I really need to carry

Well, only a spare tube and pump, and water maybe when alone.

All my groceries for a week would do.

An hours worth of travel time would not be onerous.

What is the wieght, time, speed ratio?

That depends on the hills, you can’t make up time going down,

With a load heavy going up.

Hills are great for perspective of mind and space.

The flats are great but vanish in dispare ahead out of sight around corners.

Florida is the place for this.

I would rather take the hills and cold then bake on a distant mirage.

So, how fast to carry sixty pound.

Slow is slow up such a hill under a load of food and goods.

Fast is fast but the friction in the face.

But the feet still go round and round and in the end you are still going home.

Pedaling or coasting along is still bliss.

I will carry the load or pick up the pace to match the pulsing in my heart.

The wheels, the road, the tires and frame,

Its bliss in the mind no ardor, angst nor anger, who cares its rain or slow.


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