Do You Sit In A Cubical

Do you sit at a cubical wanting the elevator to come and take you down to the street.

Like a robot programed to match boxes to numbers on a sheet.

If so, I do understand and watch the belts and machines like a continuous path of rubber.

When I cock my head to the side I see a Mobius strip running around a building never stopping.

If I put my bike on the path I would dash in one place at my station, dodging the boxes and hopping.

That would be my last day, and oh how I would like that, to ride out the door.

Never to see those belts and carts moving as I stood in one place poking and poking,

Envisioning the belts flying out the door, a continuous path to follow, a private road through the land

For a bicycle and rider escaping the life, the factory, the cubical office confined to one place.


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