The Day My Chain Was Slow

It was only the other day when I felt the chain getting a little slow.

There was no sound such to catch the ear, as I have heard chains

squeal in vane, until blessed by oil. The squeal is pericing to my ear.

I can hear it coming from behind, and sense the doppler effect like a siren

Goin by fast, growing and fading in pitch as it passes. You must hear grit

And the creaking of metal on metal parts moving against each other, an audio

Production of friction and destruction, how long will they ride like that.

I have missed an oportunity to oil the chain after a rain and detected the squeak

Of a link wanting some lubrication. I will stop and feed it oil to keep it quiet.

But like the cat I can hear the mouse of friction taking its toil out of sight.

There never seems to be time to bother with cleaing, just add more and be on the go.

I have gotten more discering to the willies of chains, and keep them clean.

I can say now that before the slight squeak, the chain speaks in slowing your motion.


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