Go around Great Wheel

Go around great wheel invisible to the eye until later when it appears clear.

It’s turning spokes are where they can’t be seen, the hub silent.


The wheel is to be found in the future so stay with the small circles and ride

With your small circles of feet, round and round attached securely


The driver and chain to a wheel, a wheel, and freedom of air in the face

Faster than man and the fastest at best for the distance to go, oh the wheel


The cog and the mesh of gears is our life of choice, smooth, easy, hard, gritty, broken.

If we have forgotten the need of care and concern, down the road we go, oh the life


Take care of the mesh we make with this life, a pedal, a frame, a chain need care

As do ourselves, friends, fathers, and moms, sisters, and wifes, husbands, brothers and uncles


What oil works best is a trial of faith, it all is in keeping one surface from the next.

Why worry what works you’re down the road enough, take pleasure the vista seen is best.


A rider fast enough to draft, a long day past and ahead wind to beat, never knowing their name

The hearty thanks before the end, they always turn soon. Your pull will come.


With pants and sweaters disguising the twitching muscles of a long ride it is easy to smile

Friends don’t know the slip streams or hills and steady rhythms of matched gears.


Giving a tube to the stranded, and helping in a jam, is no different than being neighborly

To anyone you meet, the others the yeller, who curse or beat, leave to the big wheel to cheat


And up the road the wheels go, often at best not caring for direction

The bicycle loves to love and love is perfection.




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