Mime a Drome

I pantomime a palondrome

going up and down or round and round,

or is it to and fro. What do I know I’m on my bike

I pantomime a palondrome

In the circling of my feet

Attached to the pedels, my arse on the seat.

I pantomime a palondrome

The same roads each day to work.

And then the reverse, from my job as a clerk.

I pantomime a palondrome

Except with what I ware

Its black, and no matter what I get a stare.

I pantomime a palondrome

Wishing for a velodrome

Now I use a phone to send pictures home

I pantomime a palondrome

Dodging all the styrefome

Cups, discarded by thoughtless people.

I pantomime a palondrome

My bike is me, me is bike my,

My, my, mind your own,



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